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In 2019, the Bennett family (mom, dad, four children, and a trail dog) set out to accomplish a goal that would change the course of their lives. They sold their home, quit jobs, uprooted from their community, changed the way they educated their children, and turned their lives from civilized to feral in order to hike the Triple Crown together. Not everything went according to plan, and the family quickly learned they would be at the mercy of elements beyond their control. Their grandma joined them for sections of the PCT and PNT, and when the oldest daughter left to serve a mission a cousin joined in for the AT.

A plethora of trail angels (individuals who help hikers out of the kindness of their hearts) came to their rescue throughout the course of their 584 days of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail (this one got thrown in because of COVID), Continental Divide Trail, and Appalachian Trail.

Collectively, the family would agree that the moments they shared with trail angels and other hikers would become their favorite part of the adventure. Kids Out Wild was put together from the notes of the mama, Mindi Bennett, known on trail as Wildflower. She says, "Stretching and strengthening our abilities, in ways we never thought possible, we have seen our family draw closer and have a greater perspective on what is important in life. A profound appreciation for provident living now runs through our veins and we’ve developed a stronger faith in God, ourselves, and those around us."

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